Gateway Vintage Racing Association

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Thu. 6/28 All day Joe Hauck

Happy birthday to Joe Hauck :D

Sat. 7/14 All day Dave White Jr

Happy birthday Dave White Jr

All day Dave White Jr

Happy birthday to Dave White Jr :D

Fri. 7/27 All day Leroy Zimmerly

Happy birthday to Leroy Zimmerly :D

Wed. 8/8 All day Randy Horton Sr

Happy birthday to Randy Horton Sr :D

Fri. 8/10 All day Steve Santie

Happy birthday to Steve Santie :D

Thu. 9/6 All day Tim Eaves

Happy Birthday to Tim Eaves !

10:00 AM Tim Eaves

Happy Birthday to Tim Eaves !

Sun. 9/16 All day Stu McClintock

Happy Birthday to Stue McClintock !

Mon. 9/17 All day Dale Haverstick

Happy birthday to Dale Haverstick 

6:00 PM Dale Haverstick


  Happy Birthday to Dale Haverstick ! to Dale Haverstick !

Fri. 9/21 10:00 AM Randy Horton Jr

Happy Birthday to Randy Horton Jr

Fri. 10/5 All day Rich Wolfmeier

Happy birthday to Rich Wolfmeier :D

Mon. 10/8 All day Jeremy Embrich

Happy birthday to Jeremy Embrich :D

Thu. 10/11 All day Kenny Green

Happy birthday to Kenny Green :D

Wed. 10/24 All day Mike Bach

Happy birthday to Mike Bach :D

Sat. 10/27 All day Kenneth Reichert

Happy birthday to Kenneth Reichert :D

Sun. 10/28 All day Brian Wolfmeier

Happy Birthday to Brian Wolfmeier

Fri. 11/9 All day Marc McClintock

Happy birthday to Marc McClintock :D

Sun. 11/18 All day Joe Giesler

Happy birthday to Joe Giesler :D

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